self adhesive tie mount

self adhesive tie mount

Product Categories: self adhesive tie mount
Upload Time: 2016-11-03 14:03
Company: SHIYUN
Product Details

Material: Plastic part can be nylon 66 or ABS; with imported adhesive sticker
Usage: Peel the sponge glue and stick on the wall then, bundle the wire with cable tie.
Features: used for hole-drilling not allowed places; save time, simple operation

Item No.

Screw hole(mm)
SYS-20 20×20 6.1 2.9 100
SYS-25 25×25 7.5 3.5 100
SYS-30 30×30 8.7 4.5 100
SYS-40 40×40 11.5 4.5 100

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